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Uncategorized Jun 09, 2022

We are considering very aggressive trading on AMPH stock. Beware - This may not suit everyone's risk tolerance.

AMPH stock price fell dramatically this morning with no apparent operational reason. One possible explanation is that this is the final shake-out of old position holders. This shakeout began April 14th when the stock reached it prior high of $44.46. The shakeout lasted 17 trading sessions ending with the stock hitting a low of $31.33. While others have exited since, today's major drop appears to a final gasp for this shakeout. If it is, this stock sits at an excellent price with very little downward price pressure.

AMPH is an excellent company and an excellent stock. Most analysts rate it as a buy to a strong buy.

Trading on the stock has now levelled out. If, approaching 3:30 pm this trading pattern is still level, we will be calling for AMPH to be bought back at 3:30.

Again. this is an aggressive move that may not fit everyone's risk tolerance.

Stay tuned.

Duncan Campbell

[email protected]


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